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Nové Javoříčko Association

The Nové Javoříčko Association, previously a civic association, was founded in 2010. One of the main goals of the local citizens who initiated this organization was the rescue of the original school, which is one of the most important monuments. The intention was also for visitors to the village to have an opportunity to get to know the turbulent history of Javoříčko in an appropriate form and in a dignified environment. You will find out more about the history of the village in the link Javoříčko.

Over a period of four years (2011-2014), we managed to carry out a truly ambitious project, the result of which is now attractive tourist facilities with a multifunctional natural area. Here you can see photos of the complete reconstruction of the school including the adjacent area.

Exposition & Bistro with outdoor seating

Thanks to the complete reconstruction of the school, a permanent exhibition (museum) was set up to be a permanent reminder of the Javoříčko tragedy. Visitors to the Memorial site and local karst caves are offered refreshment in the bistro with indoor seating.

Ornamental garden with a pond

On the grounds adjacent to the school, a freely accessible ornamental garden with a pond was built for relaxation./p>

Natural area with a children's playground

As part of the urbanization of the surrounding area, a natural area with a stage and a parquet floor was built, where various cultural and social events are organized. A playground with atypical features was established for the smallest inhabitants and visitors.

In the spring of 2015, the organization, in partnership with the fellowship Initiative to support burned down villages, installed a permanent exhibition in the reconstructed building. With this, the whole project was successfully completed. In the framework of the 70th anniversary of the Javoříčko tragedy, the Javoříčko Exhibition was officially opened with the participation of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and other important guests. The project was funded by several grant programs, donations and its own funds. The project could not be realized without the active physical and administrative assistance of a number of volunteers, for which they are owed thanks.

At present, the Nové Javoříčko Association runs the Javoříčko Exposition and takes care of the whole newly built area. In this natural environment, the association organizes or co-organizes several cultural events during the year. Traditional events like Krápníkohraní, Javoříčkovění or music evenings in the outdoor area of the bistro are already well-known by the public. Guests of annual reunions that kick off their programs right here are also welcome visitors.

Work has been based on volunteering throughout the whole period of operation of the organization.

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