Javoříčko Exhibition

The local exhibition has found its home in the historic Javoříčko school, which is one of the few buildings to survive the burning down of the village by the Nazis in May of 1945. The school served its original purpose with breaks from the 1870s, through the tragic war years up until the 1980s, when the first exhibition dedicated to the war events took place. This was shut down after 1989 and the building subsequently alternated owners and became dilapidated, until 2010, when the school was acquired by the Nové Javoříčko Association. The building underwent extensive reconstruction using subsidies from European and national sources, and in May 2015, seventy years after the tragedy, it opened its gates to the public and is once again becoming the social and cultural center of the region with an exhibition commemorating the Javoříčko events. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can watch the documentary Javoříčko screened in a cinema or thematic exhibitions located in the exhibition premises of the school. The exhibition is open during the weekends in May, June and September. In July and August, every day except Mondays. Individual tours can be arranged upon prior arrangement.

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